Spiritual Kinesiology

A holistic approach that combines western science and eastern energy principles to understand and address health concerns. Identify stress and imbalances within the body to bring harmony to one’s self, mind, and spirit, to enhance overall health.

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Embrace Wellness through Kinesiology

At Atlantis Wellness and Healing Centre, we are proud to offer Kinesiology as one of our signature therapies, providing an opportunity to tap into the language of your body and understand its complex balances.

Our skilled kinesiologists merge western physiological science with eastern energy principles, utilising muscle testing to identify stresses and imbalances that may be impacting your overall wellbeing. By offering Kinesiology at our centre, we can help clients restore harmony and balance in their body, mind, and spirit, ultimately enhancing health and promoting a more vibrant life.

Discover the immense benefits of Kinesiology, and trust Atlantis Wellness and Healing Centre to be your guide on this transformative journey. 

Holistic Health Improvement

Kinesiology takes a holistic approach towards health and goes beyond temporary relief, focusing on identifying and addressing the underlying cause of health problems. It helps harmonise your body, mind, and spirit, leading to overall health enhancement.

Stress Management

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a biofeedback tool to uncover hidden stresses and imbalances in your body that might be causing physical or emotional discomfort. By resolving these issues, it promotes better stress management and improved wellbeing.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Atlantis Wellness and Healing Centre for your kinesiology needs brings together superior expertise, personalised care, state-of-the-art facilities, and unwavering focus on client satisfaction. Our certified and seasoned practitioners skillfully intertwine Western science with Eastern energy philosophies to address your health concerns holistically. We take pride in creating bespoke treatment plans that acknowledge the uniqueness of each client, optimising overall health and wellbeing.

Healing, re-balancing, re-aligning and re-energising our mind, body, spirit & soul.